By James Hibberd
Updated June 08, 2016 at 12:00 PM EDT

This … is … his … boom-tweet!

Ash vs. Evil Dead star Bruce Campbell took to Twitter to address a photo making the rounds on social media portraying a Donald Trump supporter who was supposedly beaten up by violent liberal protestors at a GOP rally.

Except the photo was actually a make-up test for an actress named Samara Weaving for her role on Campbell’s comedy-horror series on Starz.

Weaving guest starred on the final episodes of the first season of the cult series and had originally posted this photo to her Instagram and Twitter account on Jan. 4.

Somehow that posting was co-opted into tweets like this:

Which caused Campbell to reply with this:

Huffington Post and Snopes both reported on the inaccuracy earlier this week. Of course, there has been legit violence between Trump supporters and protesters at his rallies, including Trump supporters attacked at a San Jose rally last week.