Nick Offerman — whose stalwart, lovable turn as Ron Swanson in Parks and Recreation has launched many a meme — stars in a new commercial for Lagavulin Single Malt Whisky with a very special guest: his dad! The video features a straight-faced Offerman and his equally stoic father Ric fishing in a canoe and having their typical Father’s Day chat — without uttering a single word.

The two communicate via grunts and glances, aided by man-translating subtitles — a hilarious and oddly heartwarming combination. Their “conversation” includes musings about the weather, the possibility of building a bench out of some valley oak, and more. With gentle guitar strings backing the scene, it’s a perfect Father’s Day tribute from the whisky-loving Offerman.

The video is part of Offerman’s ongoing “My Tales of Whisky” series for Lagavulin. Last year, he made a holiday installment in which he sat by a fireplace nursing a glass of whisky in silence for 45 minutes. A 10-hour “Yule Log” loop of the 45-minute video was also released, an epic background for any holiday party.

Check out the spot above and see Offerman next in McDonald’s biopic The Founder, in theaters August 5.