By Eric Renner Brown
Updated June 07, 2016 at 02:49 PM EDT
Jerod Harris/WireImage

While performing at Disney World’s Gay Day celebration on Saturday, Kesha helped two men get engaged onstage. During her set, the pop star called up two of her fans — one blindfolded and the other taking a knee — for the proposal.

“Overcome and overwhelmed with emotion on stage last night,” Kesha later wrote on Instagram, adding that she was “honored” the couple “share such a monumental moment” with her. “Love is the magic in life, and really there is nothing more important,” she added. “He said yes. He actually said, ‘A million times, yes.’ Then my heart melted and I cried.”

One of the engaged men took to his Instagram to share his thoughts about the experience: “We can’t thank you enough [Kesha] for making this the most incredible, amazing, and beautiful moment of our lives that we will cherish forever,” he wrote. “It means the world to us!”

Kesha has historically been an advocate for LGBT rights. In March, she received the Human Rights Campaign Visibility Award for her contributions to the cause.

Check out footage of the proposal below via Twitter.