By Isabella Biedenharn
Updated June 06, 2016 at 06:26 PM EDT

Comedian Tig Notaro, whose Netflix documentary Tig and best-selling comedy album, Live, set the stand-up world aflame, will release her memoir, I’m Just A Person, on June 14.

The book chronicles the devastating four months in 2012 where Notaro first contracted a debilitating intestinal infection, grieved her mother who died suddenly, then went through a breakup, and then, was diagnosed with bilateral breast cancer. Sure, it’s not exactly uplifting, but Notaro’s dry wit throughout this horrifying time is marvelous, and the way she’s spun tragedy into art — from a legendary stand-up set at the Largo in Los Angeles to this slim, resonant memoir — is an inspiration.

EW can announce exclusively that Notaro’s publisher Ecco is offering the snazzy Tig Notaro poster below to anyone who pre-orders I’m Just A Person before June 14 at, IndieBound, Amazon, or Barnes & Noble. Just provide proof of purchase at the book’s website here, and the poster can be yours!

Credit: Courtesy Ecco