The new Amazon/NFL Films series followed the Arizona Cardinals all last season

By Will Robinson
Updated June 06, 2016 at 12:00 PM EDT
Credit: Amazon Studios

They didn’t win the Super Bowl last year, but the Arizona Cardinals’ season was still a roaring success. Fans will be able to look behind the scenes with All or Nothing, Amazon’s new show with NFL Films.

“It’s going to be great for the fans. They’re going to see something they never get to see,” Cardinals head coach Bruce Arians tells EW. “I think they’ll really get to enjoy the unique players and their families, and what these guys really go through.”

All or Nothing begins after the 2014 season and tracks the Cards’ offseason, draft, and magical 2015 campaign told over eight one-hour installments. Last season, Arians coached Arizona to a 13-3 record and one win away from reaching Super Bowl 50.

The show is similar to Hard Knocks — the annual docuseries following one team in the preseason — in that players will be followed from meeting rooms to their home. The fourth-year coach is interested in viewers getting to know newcomer Mike Iupati, a new side of quarterback Carson Palmer, and see how All-Pro cornerback Patrick Peterson welcomed a new baby into his home. But Arians sees a distinction in this project compared to the long-running HBO show, which he doesn’t dig.

“I am not a fan of it. They sensationalize players getting cut, and it’s more reality TV, looking for emotional stuff,” he says. “This was just everybody doing their job — players, coaches, front office, owners — every single day of the season.”

Arians is known for being one of the league’s most quotable and colorful figures. (Example: “Stretching doesn’t do it. You can’t stretch a cold muscle … Jumping jacks and touching your toes, that ain’t getting s–t done.”) But even he was initially shy about the camera crews. Early on, Arians was mindful about how he communicated with his team; that didn’t persist.

“Then I thought, ‘Hell, I got to be myself, or this isn’t going to work for either of us,'” he adds. “I’m sure there’s a lot of bleeps.”

Credit: Amazon Studios

See the trailer above. All or Nothing debuts in its entirety July 1 on Amazon.