The romantic comedy arrives in theaters and on VOD June 17

No Stranger Than Love

Things that can go wrong when you say “I love you” to a romantic partner: They don’t return it. They say “thank you.” Or, in the case of No Stranger Than Love, they fall into a hole.

In an exclusive clip from the upcoming romantic comedy, Alison Brie‘s Lucy says those three words to Clint (Colin Hanks), a married gym teacher she’s having an affair with, and then he immediately falls into a mysterious hole that opens up in the floor. From there, Lucy sets off to help the town find Clint without revealing their dirty little secret.

“I lovedthe script,” Brie tells EW of the first time she read Steve Adams’ screenplay. “I was like, this is so weird, and so fantastic. It’s really magical.”

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The surreal clip above comes early on in the film, after it’s established that Lucy is the town sweetheart — something that backfires a bit.

“She’s struggling with trying to live up to everybody’s expectations of her, trying to please everyone but herself,” Brie says. “She hasn’t quite figured out who she is or what makes her happy, but she just knows she wants more out of life. She knows she’s doing something wrong.” Including, apparently, sleeping with Clint. “The universe sends her a very interesting message in response,” Brie adds.

See that interesting message in action above, and watch the trailer below. No Stranger Than Love, directed by Nick Wernham and also starring Justin Chatwin, arrives in theaters and on VOD June 17.

No Stranger Than Love
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