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Add a new name to our list of favorite candidates for the Iron Throne: Lyanna Mormont.

She's 10 years old and lit up Twitter on Sunday night among Game of Thrones fans like no other newly introduced character since Ser Pounce jumped on King Tommen's bed back in season 4. Played by newcomer Bella Ramsey, Lyanna put Jon Snow and Sansa Stark through the interrogation wringer in "The Broken Man" as they attempted to enlist her modest house for their fight against the Boltons.

Here's what we know: Lyanna Mormont (not to be confused with Lyanna Stark, whom she was named after) is the niece of Lord Commander Jeor Mormont of the Night's Watch (who died in season 3) and the cousin of Ser Jorah Mormont (Dany's faithful companion, who's now searching for a greyscale cure).

Thrones co-executive producer Bryan Cogman, who wrote "The Broken Man," says Ramsey impressed her scene partners Kit Harington, Sophie Turner, and Liam Cunningham.

"The Lyanna scene was a lot of fun," Cogman tells us. "Bella is a terrific young actress — the whole cast and crew were very impressed. I think, much like the character does with Jon, Sansa, and Davos, Bella kept Kit, Sophie, and Liam on their toes!"

Added Cogman about Jon and Sansa's scenes attempting to enlist Northern houses in their battle against the Boltons: "The pair of ‘Northern Diplomacy' tour scenes proved to be a good opportunity to get a glimpse of the toll the last few seasons have taken on the Northern houses — and in Lyanna and Robett Glover you have two very different types, both of whom have been thrust into leadership positions they never expected to hold (Lyanna's mother and Robett's brother having died in the War of the Five Kings). Sansa has suffered a great deal and so has Jon. But I think they underestimated the pain and suffering these other families have gone through, so that was interesting to explore."

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