Plus, 6 other silly questions for the actor behind Aaron Samuels about the high school hit

By C. Molly Smith
Updated June 04, 2016 at 01:22 AM EDT
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Mean Girls is a touchstone amongst high school-set films and it’s endlessly rewatchable, so it makes sense that Cinespia would include the 2004 movie in its slate of summer screenings that also features To Catch a Thief (June 11), Goodfellas (June 18), and Raising Arizona (June 25).

Ahead of Cady, Regina, Janis, and more gracing the Hollywood Forever Cemetery screen on Saturday, Jonathan Bennett spoke with EW about how the film is still so beloved today. “It’s such a quotable movie,” says Bennett, who played Cady’s crush, Aaron Samuels, “so I’ll be walking down the street and getting a coffee and someone will scream, ‘Your hair looks sexy pushed back!’ or they’ll be like, ‘You can’t sit with us!’ There’s so many of these tag lines that are so iconic and they scream them at me and it’s hysterical.”

Bennett also revealed how he celebrates Mean Girls day, when he wears pink (a tease, the color isn’t reserved for Wednesdays), and what’s so fetch in his world right now. Read on, because there’s a 30% chance this is already loaded with nostalgia…

ENTERTAINMENT WEEKLY: What do you do on October 3, a.k.a. Mean Girls Day?

JONATHAN BENNETT: I wear all pink and I watch Mean Girls with Lacey Chabert [who played Gretchen Wieners] and we sit there all day long and she asks me what day it is every five minutes. No, I pretty much just stay away from social media and keep my phone off because it blows up.

It’s ridiculous the amount of people and friends texting me, like a second birthday. It’s so fun, though, to watch what people come up with. Some people aren’t into it, when they’re a part of something iconic like that, and I’m like, “Guys, it’s a part of our history, too. Enjoy it. You don’t have to run away from it.” (Far from it, Bennett embraced the day on Twitter.)

So you wear pink on the holiday. When else do you wear pink?

I got a pink bathing suit from Chubbies, so I’ll be wearing pink most days this summer. It’s like one of those eighties, retro bathing suits, so it’s really cool.

Cliques are big at North Shore High School; you’ve got ROTC guys, desperate wannabes, sexually active band geeks, as examples. What clique were you in growing up?

I was definitely not a popular kid. I was friends with everyone, but I was in, some people call it, the theater nerds, but at our school it was the theater cools. We were cool kids.

Regina George is a plastic, so people talk. Her hair is rumored to be insured for $10,000 and she’s said to have done car commercials in Japan. What have you heard about Regina?

I heard that Regina George doesn’t wear any underwear. I heard that from Janis.

If you could be one Mean Girl for a day, who would it be and why?

I would be Karen because she just gets away with everything. You can go through life and be so stupid and no one will fault you because they’ll be like, “Oh, he’s just an idiot,” which is similar to how I live everyday of my life anyway. At least now, I’ll have an excuse: Karen.

Speaking of Karen, her idea of fun is going to Taco Bell. What do you do for fun?

I bake a cake and I put all my feelings inside it and then I eat it.

What is so fetch in your world right now?

So fetch right now is Justin Timberlake’s new song [“Can’t Stop The Feeling!”]. So fetch, love it. I listen to it everyday while I’m going through hair and makeup at Cake Wars. It puts you in a good mood. You can’t hear it and not love it. It gets you excited and just makes you happy.

What makes us happy? Rewatching (and rewatching, and rewatching) Mean Girls.

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