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New season, new killer. But is MTV’s Scream about to go down a path the film franchise never did?

After the death of original killer Piper (Amelia Rose Blaire) — which we predicted early in season 1 — a new killer has arisen. Ahead of the season 2 debut, it would’ve been easy to guess that it was Audrey (Bex Taylor-Klaus) since she was somehow working with Piper in season 1, but the premiere proved she’s being stalked for the sins of her past just as much as the rest of the Lakewood Six. But what if the new killer is actually a member of the Lakewood Six?

Once again, roll with us for a second here, because we’ve either gone off the deep end when it comes to theories, or this seems totally plausible: Emma (Willa Fitzgerald) is the new killer. Yes, we think the Neve Campbell-esque heroine is actually behind Jake’s (Tom Maden) death in the premiere (and, of course, the other deaths coming this season).

Why? After her freak out upon returning to school, maybe Emma just snapped mentally. Or worse, she discovered the connection between Audrey and Piper, deciding to turn the tables on her former friend and make her pay the ultimate price, slaughtering the other Lakewood Six survivors to cover her tracks.

Here’s why it could happen: The Scream films never did it. After all the years of being the victim, Campbell’s Sidney Prescott never turned to the dark side. So to have good girl Emma suddenly turn would be the last thing viewers would see coming — at least that’s probably what the writers hoped.

If you reread our interview with new showrunners Michael Gans and Richard Register with Emma in mind as the killer, it almost seems rather obvious:

  • On the killer’s motivations: “We can say that this killer is motivated by season 1,” Gans says. “It’s about the sins of the past. It’s a punishment and it is a large scale performance; it’s for the world to see.”
  • Is the killer working in plain sight? “You’ve seen their face, yes,” Gans says. “There is a big, big psychotic game in play for everyone that the killer manipulates — like hugely psychotic, dealing with their weaknesses, pushing their psychosis to the furthest degree possible…” Who better to exploit their weaknesses than their closest friend?
  • How would Emma react if she knew what Audrey did? “She would lose her sh–,” Gans says.

When EW posed the theory that Emma is the killer to the executive producers, there was a lot of uncomfortable laughing. “Very interesting,” Gans says. “That would be really fun. Someone should write that because that’s a great thing. I’m not going to tell you. Anything that I say right now would be an absolute lie. I’ll call you after it’s over and say, ‘See, you got it wrong, right, wrong, right or wrong.’ The whole point of this is to have your head go there. This is a psychotic trip this year, and that is psychotic. That’s where we want you to go.”

Adds Register: “Keep watching. That’s a very interesting idea that you have.”

Considering every Scream killer has had a partner — yes, even Scream 3‘s Roman (Scott Foley) was technically working with Scream‘s Billy (Skeet Ulrich) and Stu (Matthew Lillard) — the question now is: Who is working with Emma? Guess we’ll find out soon enough.

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