Credit: Richard Foreman

The Sicario sequel focusing on Benicio Del Toro’s enigmatic character has a director in its crosshairs.

Italian director Stefano Sollima, best known for helming the miniseries Gomorrah, is in talks to direct the follow-up, which will be called Soldado (Spanish for “soldier”), EW has confirmed.

It was revealed last fall that Lionsgate was developing a sequel to Sicario based on Alejandro, the mysterious operative played by Del Toro in the original film. At that time, Sicario writer Taylor Sheridan, who was spearheading development on the project, told EW the studio was “very intrigued” by the character.

“It was something that we’ve been discussing for quite a while, that there was more to explore with this character because there was so much left unsaid about Alejandro and his journey and what makes that man,” he said.

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Sheridan also revealed what kind of story the sequel would be. “One of the things that it touches on is everyone is offered choices in life: do what feels good or do what is good,” he added. “You make the wrong choice enough, and then it’s not presented again. Then every choice is bad, and each consequence worse. You fall down this rabbit hole where no matter what you do, suffering is on either side.”

Josh Brolin will reprise his role as CIA agent Matt Graver for Soldado; Emily Blunt’s FBI agent character, the lead of the first film, will not return.

News of Sollima’s involvement was first reported by Deadline.