The battle over Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice is going to flare up again in a few weeks as the extended “Ultimate Edition” of the controversial film hits Blu-ray, bringing with it about a half-hour of additional scenes.

When the movie opened in March it suffered brutal reviews and sharply divided the audience — some loved and defended it, others hated it with a deep and abiding fury. Will the extended version (available on digital June 28, and on Blu-ray July 19) change any minds, one way or the other?

This newly released trailer offers a glimpse at some new shots, including a first look at Jena Malone’s still unspecified character, which was deleted entirely from the theatrical release. She appears to be a (somewhat patronizing) colleague of Lois Lane’s at the Daily Planet.

We also see a bit more context from the village where Superman took out a group of terrorists, among other glimpses of new footage. Does any of it sway your opinion of the year’s most polarizing film?

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As someone who liked BvS and defends its operatic, gloomy tone — even the “Martha” moment that allows one victorious hero to see a flash of humanity in the face underneath is boot — I’m eager to see the longer version. At two-and-a-half hours, it’s easy to wonder whether the movie requires more, butmaybe some additional narrative setup and a slightly less breakneck pace will make the movie connect with those who came away unhappy the first time.

Maybe the extended cut will be a type of “Martha” moment of its own.

More likely: this is a fight that will continue for a long, long time.

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