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Only Gabi Diamond would take a flight to Australia and end up on a honeymoon with a stranger in Hawaii. That’s exactly where we find our favorite chef in Young and Hungry’s summer premiere, which airs Wednesday.

After jumping on a plane to chase after Josh in the spring finale, things went a bit off course for Gabi. “Now she’s stuck on the plane with Josh and his new love interest, and she’s freaking out,” Emily Osment, who plays Gabi, tells EW. So of course her first reaction is to FaceTime best friend Sofia from the plane — as seen in the exclusive clip above — and talk through her options for getting home (she has none).

Luckily, she gets a proposition from guest star Tyler Ritter, who overhears her dilemma. In true Gabi form, she jumps at the unknown opportunity. “She’s like, ‘You know what? Life sucks right now. Let’s just do it!'” Osment says. “So she gets off the plane in Hawaii and decides to see where this thing goes with this random stranger she met on the plane.”

Once in Hawaii, she runs into Elliot, Yolanda, and Alan, who are also vacationing there while Josh is panicking about his decisions with Dr. Rounds in Australia. “The whole premiere…. there’s a lot going on,” Osment says with a laugh.

But don’t worry Jabi fans — there’s something for you in the premiere as well. Despite the back and forth (“They’ve tried and they’ve failed and they’ve tried and they’ve failed,” Osment says), all hope is not lost. The actress teases: “You’ll see them try again.”

The Young and Hungry summer premiere airs Wednesday at 8 p.m. ET on Freeform.

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