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Warning: Spoilers from the season 4 premiere of Young and Hungry follow. Read at your own risk.

Gabi, Gabi, Gabi. What have you done?

Things were finally looking promising for a relationship with Josh — he left Australia to meet her in Hawaii on her fake honeymoon after all — but then Gabi went and kissed her fake husband in the summer return of Young and Hungry.

The stars just never seem to be aligned for these two. “They’ve tried and they’ve failed, and they’ve tried and they’ve failed,” Emily Osment, who plays Gabi Diamond, tells EW. “There is something underlying between the two of them that is like, ‘We would be so good together,’ and that’s the only thing that’s keeping them coming back — because everything else around them is saying, ‘You probably shouldn’t be together.’”

That latest thing telling them they probably shouldn’t be together is Gabi kissing fake husband, Adam, played by guest star Tyler Ritter. Here Osment shares with EW what’s going through Gabi’s mind, if there’s hope for Jabi, and what the Young and Sofia spin-off could mean for the show.

ENTERTAINMENT WEEKLY: Only Gabi would go on a vacation — no, a honeymoon! — with a complete stranger. How is she always getting herself into these situations?

EMILY OSMENT: I praise Gabi in her wild ambition and wild heart and her constant leaps of faith. That’s something that you need in a character — you need someone who is adventurous and willing to do anything … But I also think she sometimes throws caution to the wind a little too much, and there has to be a delicate balance. It makes for a very funny and interesting life, but she gets herself in trouble a lot, and that’s why she needs people like Sofia to help balance her out.

How was it working with Tyler Ritter for this episode?

I love Tyler Ritter. I have never met someone whom I was willing to get stuck in an elevator with so much. He’s the kindest, coolest, most wonderful dude. We had Kelen Coleman that week as well; she plays Tyler’s fiancée. It was a really, really nice two weeks back because you get into a pattern working on a sitcom, where every day is the same. So every time you have a guest cast — especially a guest cast you really, really like — it makes the week so much better.

What was Gabi thinking when she kissed Tyler’s character, Adam?

I think she was probably caught up in the moment, and everything was just simple and easy with this new guy. He was really sweet; they have a lot of fun together. And I think she was just so relieved to not be in that situation on the plane anymore that she just went for it. It was a surprise, but it will probably complicate things even more. [Laughs]

Yeah, complications always seem to get in the way.

That’s how it goes with Gabi and Josh. They really want to be together, and there are so many things pulling them apart.

It’s almost like they want to sabotage this relationship. Do you think there’s ever hope for them to be together without the drama?

It wouldn’t be fun if there weren’t any drama! I think they will definitely end up together. I think it’ll just be really, really, really entertaining the whole time.

Now that almost everyone is on the island, is Sofia going to be upset that she’s the only one vacationing in Hawaii?

Yeah, she’s stuck at home dealing with everything that’s going on with me from afar — like a true friend, [which is] a great quality to have [in a friend].

Speaking of Sofia, how will the potential spin-off affect her role on the show?

I want to clear this up because I’ve gotten so many responses on Twitter and Instagram like, “What’s going on? We have no idea! Are you being replaced?” What’s happening is, we’re doing an episode where Sofia gets a job working for Logan Rawlings, Ashley Tisdale’s character. We’re setting up this other show, where Sofia goes to work for Logan. And if that show goes [forward], that will be a completely separate production. Aimee [Carrero, who plays Sofia] — if she wants to — can go back and forth between that show and Young and Hungry. But Young and Hungry will remain the same. Young and Hungry won’t be changing at all.

I assume people are nervous about losing the Sofia-Gabi friendship, which is why you’re receiving so many questions about the spin-off.

I would absolutely hate to see that go — Gabi would be a complete mess without Sofia.

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