Credit: Penguin

For Covington High senior Mara, school is business as usual: popular kids, boring classes, and teenage drama — until her classmate, Katelyn, explodes during third period pre-calc, that is. Such is life for the characters of Spontaneous, a young adult novel that Awesomeness Films is adapting for the big screen, the company announced Wednesday.

Spontaneous, written by Aaron Starmer, revolves around Mara’s struggle to survive her final year of school as scores of her classmates meet the same grisly fate as Katelyn, seemingly at random. Brian Duffield (Insurgent, Jane Got a Gun) and Nicki Cortese will produce the movie through their company, Jurassic Party, alongside Brian Robbins and Matt Kaplan.

Spontaneous is the type of fresh, exciting project that not only connects, but resonates with the young adult audience,” Kaplan said in a press release. “Aaron has created a dynamic, fast-paced, and fun world that we look forward to bringing to life on screen. We couldn’t be more thrilled to have found the perfect voice in Brian Duffield to adapt this property.”

The Fault in Our Stars author John Green added that Spontaneous “skillfully welds sharp humor, deep loss, and roaring escapades” and is “truly the smartest and funniest book about spontaneous combustion you will ever read.”

Duffield’s next project is a McG-directed horror film The Babysitter, which he wrote and executive-produced, while Cortese recently wrapped production on her latest feature as a producer, You Get Me, starring Bella Thorne and Halston Sage.

In addition to Spontaneous (in stores Aug. 30), Starmer previously wrote The Riverman trilogy. He has another novel, Meme, on deck for future release.