Lyft is once again putting undercover celebrities in the driver’s seat.

In this iteration of Undercover Lyft, basketball legend Shaquille O’Neal dons various disguises as he picks up customers in Atlanta expecting a normal ride from the service. The video comes just in time for the NBA finals starting June 2.

Shaq inhabits several characters, including an off-duty cop named Goose who sports a substantial beard, a Frenchman named Pierre who doesn’t speak any French, and a dreadlocked dude whose favorite movie is, no surprise here, Shaq’s 1996 family comedy Kazaam.

While the characters may change, the star engages his riders with various challenges, including freestyle rapping, seeing who has the best free throw form, and ultimately, whether they know the identity of their 7′ 1″ driver. While in a 1950s-style slicked over wig, O’Neal asks his guest if she recognizes him. “I kind of figured it out early on,” the woman laughs, “when I saw your wig, sir.”

This isn’t Lyft’s first time putting a celebrity behind the wheel. Danica Patrick, Jerry Rice, and Richard Sherman have also driven the streets pranking customers.

“I’ve come a long way since Kazaam,” O’Neal quips in the final moments.

See the surprise Lyft takeovers in the video above.