'Maya & Marty' dipped into the political arena, sort of, on its opening night
Credit: Virginia Sherwood/NBC

What would have Saturday Night Live looked like with Maya Rudolph as a cast member during the last few months? Perhaps like this: on the debut episode of NBC variety show Maya & Marty, Rudolph dusted off her Melania Trump impersonation to hock edible diamonds.

“We love diamond, but we all ask ourselves, why can we not eat it? Not anymore, you can’t — with Melania’s Edible Diamonds,” Rudolph as Melania says in the sketch, adding that her diamonds can go on top of “all your foods to eat in your mouth.”

Later in the sketch, Heidi Cruz, played by current SNL star Kate McKinnon, arrives to discuss the diamonds with Melania — and finds out the terrible truth: the edible diamonds are just plain old diamonds.

“I can’t believe you’re able to digest these,” Heidi asks.

“Thank you,” replies Melania.

On the latest season of SNL, Cecily Strong played Melania alongside Darrell Hammond’s Donald Trump. Hammond did not appear in the Maya & Marty sketch.

Watch below.