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An internet connection may be impossible to find in Westeros, but it’s pretty much a requirement for any Game of Thrones fan who wants to fully engage with the hit fantasy series. Every Sunday night, the #GameofThrones hashtag trends on Twitter, as viewers share their reactions to the latest twists and turns in the epic saga. Now, Twitter is giving fans a unique look at how they have used the social media site to react to every episode so far.

As explained in a blog post on its site, Twitter aggregates how often each character on Game of Thrones has been mentioned in the 24 hours since a new episode aired, assigning colored circles of different sizes to player. If two characters are mentioned in the same tweet, a line connects their two dots, and that line becomes thicker the more often they are both mentioned in the same tweet. Groups of characters mentioned together most often are then categorized in separate colored backgrounds, which denote the various storylines of each episode.

Take, for example, recent episode “The Door.” Hodor’s name received a significantly larger circle than any other character, unsurprising since Hodor was killed off at the episode’s end in one of the season’s most-shocking twists. Hodor was also grouped with Bran and the White Walkers, who were major parts of his story in the final scene.

Twitter also keeps track of the emojis most used in conjunction with character names. Thanks to this, fans can get a clear snapshot of how viewers reacted to each character in a specific episode. For instance, the “Book of the Stranger” data shows immense positive reaction to Daenerys, who had an incredibly powerful scene at the end of the episode. Viewers often tweeted the praise hands, crown, and clapping emoji when mentioning her, as well as the fire emoji, in reference to her emerging unburnt from flames.

The data from that episode also points to a minor moment that exploded online: an exchanging of glances between Brienne and Tormund. Results show both characters received a hefty sum of mentions in connection to one another, as well as various heart and winking emojis.

Check out Twitter’s interactive data clusters for every episode of Game of Thrones below.

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