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True Colors

Zedd’s 2015 album True Colors has returned to the public eye recently after the producer released a new version of the title track featuring Kesha. Now, Zedd is taking fans behind the album and giving them a more in-depth look at his life with a documentary, also called True Colors.

Zedd posted the film’s trailer to his Facebook account on Thursday, announcing that it will premiere at the L.A. Film Festival on June 2. As the trailer shows, the movie will chronicle Zedd’s life and career, from his childhood being raised by two musicians, to his stint in a heavy metal band, to his success as an electronic producer.

True Colors will also detail what went into creating the album that shares its name. The trailer shows Zedd interacting with fans in different ways to promote the album, including various events themed with different colors.

Check out the True Colors trailer below.

True Colors
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