According to the director, production on the film begins this week


Michael Bay, director of four films in the popular Transformers series, posted a short video Tuesday teasing the return of Megatron in his upcoming sequel Transformers: The Last Knight.

“It’s starting. This week production. Megatron is back. #transformers #decepticons,” Bay wrote alongside the video (soundtracked with ominous growling noises) which confirms production begins in June.

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Transformers: The Last Knight was previously hyped over Memorial Day weekend via the official Transformers Twitter account, where a cryptic video was posted Saturday showing a torn file from the U.S. Department of State as Morse code beeps play in the background. The video’s caption reads: “Something wicked this way comes” and, according to ScreenRant, the Morse code translates to “E I’M COMING FOR YOU MAY 31.”

Though full plot details are unknown at this time, confirmed cast members include Mark Wahlberg, Josh Duhamel, and Isabela Moner. Bay hinted during a 2014 interview with EW that The Knights’ Temenos, a ship piloted by Lockdown in Transformers: Age of Extinction, might play a key role in future sequels. “Lockdown’s ship has a lot of meaning that can go into other movies. There’s a lot of backstory about that ship that’s not laid out here,” Bay said. “You’re going to see a few things where you’re like ‘What is that? And what is that?’ And you’re going to see a couple shots like, ‘Wait a minute, who are they?’ But we don’t answer those questions.”

The Last Knight, the fifth in Bay’s Transformers film series, is set for a June 23, 2017 release. Sixth and seventh installments are due on June 8, 2018 and June 28, 2019, respectively.

Transformers: The Last Knight

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