Credit: Kate Rentz

In the new comedy-musical Opening Night, a failed Broadway star-turned-stage manager (Topher Grace) must wrangle the eccentric cast and crew of a new production to save the show’s opening night. How does Taye Diggs performing the Bloodhound Gang’s filthy-minded 1999 hit “The Bad Touch” fit into all this? We’re not sure — but that is exactly what the Rent star can be seen doing in a new clip from the film.

Opening Night is directed by Isaac Rentz, written by Gerry De Leon and Gregory Lisi, and costars Lauren Lapkus, Alona Tal, Anne Heche, J.C. Chasez, Rob Riggle, Paul Scheer, Brian Huskey, and Lesli Margherita.

The film receives its world premiere at the upcoming Los Angeles Film Festival, where it will play on June 3 and June 6. You can see the exclusive clip featuring Diggs, above.