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Katie Couric is comfortable in her own skin.

During a revealing interview with PEOPLE and Entertainment Weekly editorial director Jess Cagle, the TV journalist, 59 participated in a rapid-fire Q&A game called The Cagle Exercise – and the results were illuminating!

Asked to share something she’s learned to love, Couric said, “my cellulite.”

She also had plenty of other memorable answers:

It may be heresy, but “blank” is overrated: “It may be heresy, but Alexander Hamilton is overrated. Not the musical, the man.”

I think i’m really good at … “playing the piano by ear.”

I feel sexiest when … “my hair is blown out.”

I can sum up my life with this bumper sticker … “Honk if you’re horny.”

Check out the rest of Couric’s answers at the top of the post. Her documentary Under the Gun premiered earlier this month via Epix.