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Galavant‘s cast and crew have been feeling the love for their recently canceled show through a Twitter campaign known as #MoreGalavant.

The fan movement inspired them to create an epic thank you video replete with cameos and a look into the joy they all feel with the possibility of the show coming back on a new platform. In an exclusive interview, EW talked with series showrunner John Hoberg, series director and executive producer Chris Koch, actors Karen David (Isabella), Timothy Omundson (King Richard), and Genevieve Allenbury (Queen of Valencia) in a roundtable interview about their possible plans for the show’s narrative if it were to be picked back up, what platform would fit best for Galavant fans, and how viewers can get involved.

ENTERTAINMENT WEEKLY: If Galavant were to find a new home, where would you want to see that be? It seems that Hulu has been the proposed idea for a new home.

CHRIS KOCH: Hulu makes sense because I think ABC has some stake in it. Karen said that there might be some Netflix talk though too.

JOHN HOBERG: It’s different times now and it’s a very different show. Hulu would be a good place.

The format for the first two seasons was to air two episodes a week. How would a full season being released all at once on something like Netflix work for Galavant? Would it work for the shows format?

HOBERG: I think it would work incredibly well for the show. It’s such a binge-watch show. A lot of the fans watched it on iTunes or recorded it. It’s definitely written to be episodic and actually stopped doing recaps at the beginning of episodes and just trusted audiences that they were following along. Having the ability to watch episodes back-to-back would work well for the whole system of Galavant.

Alan Menken has been tweeting about a possible Galavant Broadway show. Is there the possibility of new life on stage for the series?

HOBERG: Kat [Likkel, EP and writer] and I were just in New York hanging out with some people. The best way I can explain it is that this show can get under your skin and just won’t let you quit it. [laughs] I can’t really give specifics but I do know that people just don’t want it to go away. Truthfully, I think it would make an incredible stage play. There is already amazing music that we can expand upon. The hard part would be keeping the show under two hours.

Joshua Sasse recently was cast in the pilot of a new CW show, so if Galavant were to move forward, would the core of the show change without him? Could we see a new interpretation called Isabella or King Richard, for example?

KOCH: I think it would be great to have Josh involved, but if we had to eliminate or change his character we have our ways we’ve talked about. It’s a magical world where anything can happen.

HOBERG: I know we’ve talked about that Galavant is the concept of the show, not really a person. It’s a send up of Game of Thrones.

GENEVIEVE ALLENBURY: It’s also a verb.

HOBERG: It’s an incredible ensemble, and that’s the keyword we’ve imagined from the beginning. It’s multiple storylines coming together that deal with love and revenge.

KOCH: It’s an ensemble, first and foremost, but season 1 we definitely focused around Galavant. Season 2 we followed King Richard, so it’s pretty loose with whom we can follow and where we can go.

HOBERG: We had heartbreak with Madalena and Gareth, and storytelling wise he’s already told that he wants to go rescue Madalena. People also want to see that happen and how the rest of the characters react. There are just so many places we can go.

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Karen and Genevieve, as actors where do you see your characters going?

ALLENBURY: In season 1 I was seeing myself learning about the character that the writers had created. They have a mental picture of what that character looks like and will do. Then an actor comes in and gets cast for the role to give a vocal quality and mannerisms that will hopefully morph the writing into something tangible. When I started playing Queen of Valencia she just became her own entity, which hopefully isn’t too crazy of a thing to say. The viewers now know this person from those vocal qualities and such, so the writers have to write the character to include those aspects. All this said, I haven’t had much thought about where I see her going because the writers are in that control. She’s living a life of royalty that keeps her from seeing anything outside of her privileged thoughts. I could see her being taken to wild and whacky places. I wait with anticipation for more!

KAREN DAVID: If I say what I wish does this mean that it won’t come true? [laughs] One of the wonderful things about working with such an amazingly creative team is that the storylines that they’ve given each of our characters is great. For me, even seeing my character Izzy under this spell and being all giggly … wait is everyone here still?

ALL: Yes, still here.

ALLENBURY: Yes! We’re just hanging on your every word! [laughs]

DAVID: Oh! [laughs] Anyway, seeing Izzy come out of this spell where she’s very girly and finding herself on her own two feet opened a new arc for her. Seeing her experiencing, as any other guy or girl does going through heartbreak, the emotions of being eternally frustrated was a reference to her core. John is always telling me that Isabella is someone who is always frustrated and trying to get out of her situations. Playing this Joan of Arc storyline last season and finding love again with Galavant just makes me excited to see where I could go. One thing that’s so special about our show is that it is a fairytale flipped on its head. It’s very real and relevant in today’s day and age. When we sing songs about how “love is strange and it’s like dirty underwear” we have fans writing in to say that they’re going to use that song in their wedding. So the idea that we could move ahead with more seasons would be fantastic in order to see the ups and downs of marriage and the post-marriage connection of Isabella and Galavant.

Now, I’ll reveal something that I truly want. I’ve always wanted a Fairy Godmother, but I would want them to come in the form of a RuPaul or Dame Edna. That would be a lot of fun and not what she’s expecting.

HOBERG: Maybe your character would think it’s a Fairy Godmother but other people would just realize that you have a stalker.

DAVID: [laughs] That would be how it plays out! You heard it here first, EW.

What direction could you see King Richard going in with a new season?

TIMOTHY OMUNDSON: John and Kat and I talked about what the next phase would be. Because it’s a fairytale we can do anything. That’s the great freeing part. The season 2 finale was the greatest arc for King Richard. Now that he’s the one true king to unite them all, I would love to see how this new version of him would be as a leader. I would love to see him and Roberta’s relationship coming to fruition. They were going to end the show with him and Roberta having a baby. But then we thought, wait a second, why does that make the “happily ever after”? Let’s see them as a couple and let’s see how they relate. She’s a strong character and it would be great to see how she moves Richard.

Season 1 was really centered on Galavant, while season 2 was King Richard. It’s a great venue and its set up in a way that not one character has to be the focus. John Hoberg has sort of looked at it like the Lord of the Rings trilogy. He tried to subtitle season 2 as “Galavant: Rise of the One True King.” This last season was leading up with Madalena off on her one true journey, and Isabella is now a Galavant. We joked on Twitter that Zach Levi could come in as his long lost brother.

What are the next steps for getting the show a new home?

KOCH: Well, I’ll be bringing all the petitions to [creator and executive producer] Dan Fogelman’s house to start making a game plan. The more traction we get online and social media, the better.

DAVID: Sending letters and emails to places like Hulu or Netflix truly does help them see what content viewers are looking for. Using #MoreGalavant on your own social media will only benefit the cause and bring more of the show to our dedicated and wonderful fans!

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