Credit: The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon

Maya Rudolph and Martin Short helped Jimmy Fallon spoof ’80s cop shows on The Tonight Show with Windy City Blue, a fake series they joked was really a “gritty cop show set in Chicago” they shot back in the day.

The trio featured as toll booth cops who were constantly deterred by the uncommonly windy conditions of the city. The comedians cracked each other up as they attempted to keep hold of their wigs while pelted by bouncy balls, water, fake fish, feathers, and silly string.

“How young we were,” Fallon laughed, adding, “The network, though, they said that the problem was that the show was too real. They said #TooReal.”

Even now, talking about the spoof on The Tonight Show, Rudolph couldn’t get over how windy the location was. “That was such a good show,” she said, returning to the couch in her cop uniform covered in silly string. Watch the sketch below.

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