'Make America Great Again, fart faces'

By Christopher Rosen
May 28, 2016 at 03:05 PM EDT

Donald Trump seems to love a good insult or put-down as much as the next teenage boy, which is why Stephen Colbert pulled back the curtain on Trump’s campaign to reveal his “senior junior strategist” on name-calling: Timmy Jenkins.

As introduced by Colbert on Friday’s The Late Show, Jenkins is “Trump’s go-to female insult strategist.”

“We spent months focus grouping Trump’s core demographics and the message was clear: Boys rule, girls drool,” Jenkins explained before revealing the campaign’s post-election plans: a sign on the front door of the White House that reads “Boyz Club No Gurls Aloud.”

Told by Colbert that was discrimination, Jenkins mocked Colbert’s voice by affecting a sing-song tone. “Where’d you learn to speak like this? Your mommy?”

For this sketch, Jenkins was rubber and Colbert was glue. Watch below to see how the boy gets one last victory over the late-night host.