By Nick Romano
Updated May 27, 2016 at 07:43 PM EDT

Matt LeBlanc‘s numerous car magazine subscriptions have been preparing him to become a host on Top Gear, but that doesn’t mean he was ready for roofless car race with Chris Evans.

As the actor joked on The Graham Norton Show, “I think Chris had it fixed because it’s U.S.A. versus the U.K., and we’re in English cars. His is painted like the Union Jack, mine’s stars and stripes, and mine breaks down repeatedly, and his ran like a clock.”

LeBlanc explained that the first episode centers on a challenge that involves driving from London to Blackpool. “They’ve cut the roofs off of this because it was gonna be raining so they figured, ‘Better to have no roof.'”

Watch more of LeBlanc on The Graham Norton Show in the video above.

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