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Much like Margot Robbie‘s bathtub tutorial from The Big Short, the actress pulls the same stunt for Red Nose Day.

“So, a lot of people have been asking what Red Nose Day is about, and it seems the best place for reasons that are very hard to understand that the best place for me to answer this is in the bathtub,” Robbie says, spoofing her scene in Adam McKay’s Oscar-winning film.

In short (pun intended), Red Nose Day is a day of comic relief when celebrities help raise money for impoverished children by making people laugh. “It has everything to do with raising money and making people laugh, and it has absolutely nothing to do with bathtubs, shampoo, conditioner, soap, champagne, or nudity,” Robbie continues before pulling a basketball and rubber chicken out of the water.

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Watch her Big Short spoof below.

Robbie, who previously spoofed American Psycho for Vogue magazine, joins Key and Peele, the Walking Dead cast, and more in celebrating the day.

The Big Short

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