By Joe McGovern
Updated May 27, 2016 at 01:57 PM EDT

Women have always played a key part in the struggle for gay rights, and a new documentary seeks to shine a light on their contributions. Political Animals tells the story of four openly gay California politicians — Carole Migden, Sheila Kuehl, Jackie Goldberg, and Christine Kehoe — who authored anti-bullying bills and proposed legislation on domestic partnerships that were the building blocks to nationwide marriage equality. (Which was won in the Supreme Court, incidentally, with a case brought by a woman, Edie Windsor.)

“It isn’t about whether you approve or disapprove of lesbian or gay life,” said San Francisco assemblymember Migden during a public hearing on discrimination. “It isn’t about whether you think it’s okay to tolerate it. It exists. We exist. We have existed since the beginning of time.”

Chronicling the women’s courage and fight (and difficult bargains) that eventually led to social change, Political Animals premieres at the Los Angeles Film Festival on June 4. Tickets are available here. Check out the exclusive trailer, above.