By Nick Romano
May 27, 2016 at 07:00 PM EDT

You may be shocked to realize Kate Beckinsale is a notorious prankster. As she said on The Graham Norton Show, Beckinsale loves gluing beards and drawing fake tattoos on people when they fall asleep next to her. But what she did with a piece of chocolate takes the cake.

Beckinsale explained she had run out of inventive ideas at the time of this “impromptu” prank, but she was still chasing “after the rush.” She continued, “I got into bed and I think I got a little, one of those chocolates that you get by the bed, and I thought, ‘How funny would it be if I just tucked it in between the person’s buttocks while they were asleep?'”

She wouldn’t reveal the person’s name, though she said the prank came about organically. “My eyes fell on the chocolate,” she said. “I see the sleeping bottom here, and then I thought, ‘I’m just gonna do it.'”

As it happened, Beckinsale’s victim was in a rush the next morning and got dressed straight away without noticing the chocolate. “Halfway through the day at work,” she continued, “there was the [reaction], and then kind of a bit of a scuttle backwards to the loo, and then the horror, horror, horror of ‘I’ve done this without even feeling it.'”

Listen to the full tale in the video above.

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