If you’re a ’90s sitcom nostalgist with a few million bucks burning a hole in your pocket, the house of your dreams may have just hit the market.

The three-bedroom San Francisco Victorian home that served as the exterior of the Tanner residence on Full House is for sale for a cool $4.15 million, according to

Located at 1709 Broderick Street in lower Pacific Heights, the 3,125-square-foot abode no longer features the familiar off-white facade or red door — the house now has a purple color scheme — but it’s nothing a fresh paint job wouldn’t fix.

The interior doesn’t match the one on the show either, as Full House was filmed on a soundstage. Instead, incoming residents will have to make do with “a spacious floor plan,” “soaring ceilings,” and a “classically designed garden.”

Full House fanatics who aren’t in the market for a new house can of course take consolation in a forthcoming second season of Netflix’s revival series, Fuller House.

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