By Will Robinson
Updated May 27, 2016 at 07:52 PM EDT

Dierks Bentley returned Friday with his eighth studio album, Black. In his words, the “sexy” record focuses on the “darker corners” of relationships and love. The music itself was inspired by everything he’s heard through his life.

“I’m always looking for cool sounds that inspire me. There’s so much music I consume and listen to, I can’t give you a specific idea of what might have inspired the sounds of this record,” Bentley tells EW from the TODAY show set, where he played Friday. “There’s a lot of influences, but really, it’s just a combination of all the stuff I’ve listened to over the years.”

Bentley praised the work of his producer Ross Copperman; he worked on Bentley’s last album, 2014’s Riser. “He comes up with really great sonic landscapes that spark my mind as a songwriter,” Bentley added.

See Bentley’s interview above. Black is on sale now.