By Will Robinson
Updated May 26, 2016 at 11:08 PM EDT

One conclusion can be made after viewing the trailer for Todd Solondz’s (Welcome to the Dollhouse) new dark comedy: this Wiener-Dog impacted many people’s lives.

Those various owners are played by a strong and varied ensemble with their own idiosyncrasies. The dog is used as a teaching moment for a boy to learn “nature doesn’t care about [dogs] … we’re nature’s only friend,” according to his mother. Its next owner is lab tech Dawn Wiener (Greta Gerwig), who flees with an acquaintance (Kieran Culkin) to Ohio with promises of crystal meth.

A pair of lonelier souls takes in the dachshund next: a struggling film professor (Danny DeVito) finds his exercise in walking the pup — even if his doctor doesn’t count it. He’s followed by a cancer-addled elderly woman (Ellen Burstyn) who names the pup after her disease. “Why would you name it that,” her confounded granddaughter (Zosia Mamet) asks. “It felt right,” she quips.

See the trailer above. Wiener-Dog, also starring Julie Delpy and Tracy Letts, hits theaters June 24.