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Stephen Colbert has long been an impeccable impersonator; his subtle skewering of Bill O’Reilly-type pundits on The Colbert Report is what gave that show its power. On Wednesday’s The Late Show, he put those parody to skills to work once again, taking on country star Charlie Daniels’ recent ad for the NRA.

In the original ad, Daniels addressed “the Ayatollahs of Iran” and warned them of “real” Americans like “the steel workers and hard-rock miners and swamp folks in Cajun county who can wrestle a full-grown gator out of the water.” Colbert pointed out that all those groups are well-represented in reality shows like Alaskan Steel Men, Gold Rush, and Swamp People, before putting on a fake beard to make his own parody ad.

Addressed to “the Ayatollahs, the Yasser Arafats, the Idi Amins, the Russian czars, and the great white sharks,” Colbert’s parody also focused on reality shows’ representation of America, but this time purposefully.

“You haven’t met our American pickers, ice road truckers, swamp loggers, the Bigfoot hunters, the pawn stars, and the cupcake warriors,” Colbert said. “And I know for a fact you haven’t met the real housewives of New Jersey, ’cause those bitches would scratch your eyes out.”

Watch the clip below.

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