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The Wachowskis have been partners their entire careers, from debut feature Bound through The Matrix series and last year’s Jupiter Ascending and Netflix series Sense8. But EW has learned the second season will mark a slight separation of the siblings and collaborators.

Lilly Wachowski will take a backseat from the Netflix series as it hits season 2, but will remain active as co-creator. “Lilly needed to take some time off,” Sense8 star Jamie Clayton told BuzzFeed in a piece published earlier on Thursday, revealing the news.

According to Clayton, the show hasn’t missed a beat with Lana Wachowski flying solo. “Lana is absolutely a superwoman,” the actress said. “The way she channels her energy and her creativity … it keeps me in absolute awe whenever I’m in her presence. She’s an absolute force.”

Lilly came out as transgender in March, releasing a statement and noting various media outlets had threatened to out her status. “Being transgender is not easy,” Lilly said. “We live in a majority-enforced gender binary world. This means when you’re transgender you have to face the hard reality of living the rest of your life in a world that is openly hostile to you.”

After Lilly came out, GLAAD released a statement praising the filmmaker while also denouncing press for pressuring her. “GLAAD is thrilled that Lilly Wachowski is able to be her true and authentic self today, however, she should not have been forced to disclose her transgender identity before she was ready to do so,” GLAAD said. “Journalists must learn that it is unacceptable to out a transgender person, in the same way it is unacceptable to out a person who is gay, lesbian, or bisexual.”

Lilly’s sister, Lana, previously came out as transgender in 2012.

Sense8, a science fiction series on Netflix, follows eight strangers from around the world who suddenly find themselves emotionally and mentally linked. While the show has garnered critical praise, it also has been greatly received in the LGBT community, not only because of its creators but also for its representation of LGBT themes and characters.

The show is set to return for its second season sometime next year. Netflix was not immediately available for comment.

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