The four leading ladies describe what it feels like when ghosts unleash their green goop
Credit: Hopper Stone

Being a Ghostbuster seems like a blast — but have you considered the slime?

In the reboot, the green goop appears in many different forms — slick, viscous, gummy, stretchy — depending on how director Paul Feig (Bridesmaids) wanted it to look on camera. His production team spent months whipping up different batches of the corn syrup/glycerine mixture to get the right formulas. It needed to ooze in some instances, glide in others. “I had no idea how complicated it would be,” says production designer Jefferson Sage (Spy). “The special effects guy would mix up batches and play with it. Then he would make videos dumping slime on the ground, squirting it out of a hose. We needed to know what it does when it hits something. Does it splatter? Does it stick? What happens to it when it drips down a wall?”

It makes a mess. The first time Ghostbusters stars Leslie Jones, Melissa McCarthy, Kate McKinnon, and Kristen Wiig were slimed for the film, they were standing on an NYC subway track on the receiving end of a high-pressure fire hose. Here, they try to explain how it felt.

MELISSA MCCARTHY: You can’t move once it’s sprayed because it’s so slippery that [the crew] had to put towels down so you could walk. But as you try to wash it off, it regenerates. So the more you try to wash it off, the slippier it becomes.

LESLIE JONES: It’s terrible. So awful. It multiplies. It’s like that slime stuff they used to sell in a little jar.

MCCARTHY: But it has a viscosity as you touch it, like the hair goop from the ‘80s.

KRISTEN WIIG: With a little bit of mucus.

MCCARTHY: And a whisper of vomit.

KATE MCKINNON: It’s like if you have dry mouth and you buy that fake saliva.

JONES: Ewww. There’s fake saliva?

MCKINNON: Oh, yeah. You can buy spit. You can get anything nowadays.

Ghostbusters opens in theaters on July 15.

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