By Clark Collis
May 26, 2016 at 07:45 PM EDT

In new chop-socky epic The Final Master, in theaters June 3, a man resolves to open a martial arts school to fulfill his master’s dying wish of passing down the practice of Wing Chun. In order to gain the rights to achieve this, he has to send an apprentice to secretly challenge and defeat eight other martial arts schools —but he is merely a pawn in the power game being played within the martial arts community.

The Final Master was written and directed by Xu Haofeng (who wrote the screenplay for 2013’s Oscar-nominated The Grandmaster) and stars Liao Fan, Song Jia, Jiang Wenli, Jin Shi-Jye, Song Yang, and Huang Jue.

You can see the trailer for The Final Master below and an exclusive clip from the film, above.