Credit: Shane McCauley

A day before his eighth studio album Black debuts, Dierks Bentley is sharing the collection’s second single. Featuring rock breakout Elle King, “Different for Girls” is a midtempo musing on the ways that boys and girls process heartache.

When EW last spoke to the singer, he was weighing his options for how to follow-up the smash hit “Somewhere On a Beach.” “I want to take a chance and go a little riskier,” he said. “It scares the hell out of me but [I think] ‘Different for Girls.’ I didn’t get to Nashville by playing it save, I pushed all my chips to the center of the table.”

He also raved about working with King: “I went and checked Elle out on Twitter, and she was really funny. She also plays banjo, and I love banjo. So we had this song ‘Girls,’ and I thought, ‘What if we got a girl to sing on it?’ I contacted her, and she seemed cool. She’s self-deprecating, and she cracks me up. And no filter!”

Speaking more generally about the tune, he says he was inspired to consider the female perspective given how many strong women are in his life. “I have two daughters and a wife, my sister, and women run my life in the workplace,” he says. “My manager, my publicist, the president of my label — I’m surrounded by strong, powerful women. And I look at that song and see that girls are really tough enough to stop and feel their emotions, guys tend to brush them off. Of course that’s not the case for everybody, I’m terrible at heartache, my hair starts falling out in the shower! And I wish I could be more of a ‘dude.’ But it is true on some level.”

Listen to the single below.