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Colin Farrell has been on Conan O’Brien’s show so many times over the years that O’Brien is well-acquainted with The Lobster star’s love of Korean spas. Farrell even invited O’Brien to accompany him, but O’Brien ended up going with The Walking Dead‘s Steven Yeun instead.

“He is Korean, so I went with him,” O’Brien said. “It was important for me to have a cultural ambassador. Two Irishmen felt redundant, sorry.”

O’Brien said he was surprised by many aspects of the experience, including the nudity. At which point things got very funny and awkward.

“That’s why I wanted to bring you, yeah,” Farrell said. “I have a twisted but fully heterosexual fascination with the large members of our male society, and the small members of our male society, and how they may be genitally represented. I wanted to have a look at your gear, man.”

“You backed the wrong pony, man,” Farrell said later. “You should’ve come with me.”

Watch the clip below.

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