By Eric Renner Brown
Updated May 26, 2016 at 03:56 PM EDT
Joern Pollex/Getty Images

Even the world’s most elite musicians sometimes forget the words to their songs. Adele, who’s well into a massive international tour in support of her chart-topping third album 25, flubbed the lyrics to her new song “Million Years Ago” at one of her concerts this past weekend in Lisbon.

“Sh–, wrong words,” the British vocal powerhouse exclaimed with a cackle after botching a line. “Sh–, sh–, sh–. I started singing the verse! Sorry!”

The Lisbon incident isn’t the first time Adele has forgotten the words on this tour. “Let’s start again,” she said after kicking off the 25 track “I Miss You” at a Manchester gig in March. And she even recently flubbed lyrics in her signature hit “Rolling in the Deep.”

From celebrating a couple’s mid-concert engagement to posing with a selfie for a doppelgänger to twerking, Adele has already had an eventful tour — and she hasn’t even hit the American leg of her itinerary, which kicks off July 5 in St. Paul, Minnesota.