What happens when the creation surpasses the creator? Kate Mara may find out the hard way in the sci-fi thriller Morgan, which just released a foreboding teaser trailer.

Marking the feature directorial debut of Luke Scott, a commercial veteran and son of filmmaker Ridley Scott, Morgan follows a corporate troubleshooter (Mara) dispatched to a top-secret site to investigate and assess a synthetic life form.

The title character, played by Anya Taylor-Joy of The Witch, looks like a normal human but is rapidly evolving — perhaps beyond known boundaries. Within a month, she was walking and talking; within six months, she was completely self-sufficient. As an unseen character says, “She exceeds our wildest expectations.”

Like most adolescents, however, Morgan begins acting out, and that’s when things get messy.

Speaking to EW about the film this week, Scott explained that Taylor-Joy’s character has been engineered with enhanced strength as well as an innate connection to the online world, and “therefore her capacity for intelligence is far greater than the average human being. … But without giving too much away, we can develop a creature which has all of these physical attributes, but what about the emotion and what it means to be a human? That is something that cannot be implanted, it has to be learned.”

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Fox will release Morgan on Sept. 2. Watch the teaser trailer above.

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  • 92 minutes