May 25, 2016 at 01:50 PM EDT

Even before he played the physical manifestation of Anger in Pixar’s Inside Out, comedian Lewis Black excelled at giving voice to hilariously apoplectic rage. So when he stopped by The Late Show on Tuesday night, Stephen Colbert put this skill to use. Having crowd-sourced the show’s Twitter followers for roommate problems, Colbert then allowed Black to angrily address these misbehaving roomies.

First up was the story of a roommate who acquired a secret cat and didn’t tell anyone, as if the cat’s noises wouldn’t give it away. Black got appropriately fired up: “If cats really do have nine lives, I hope that cat comes back eight more times and craps on your head.”

Black then yelled at someone for texting their roommate from the toilet. For his final round, however, Black turned his rage not on the roommate in question (who was walking their boyfriend on a leash) but on the complainer.

“Wow, Rachel, that is disgusting… of you!” Black said. “If I’m concerned for anyone, it’s this poor dog-walker, who has to deal with having a 17th-century Puritan for a roommate. You’ve got nothing to complain about unless he starts humping your leg.”

Watch the clip below.

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