By Joey Nolfi
Updated May 25, 2016 at 06:57 PM EDT

Milla Jovovich has starred in five films adapted from Capcom’s Resident Evil console series, but now the action heroine is stepping into a new role as a playable character in an actual video game.

Jovovich will play a fictionalized version of herself in a major updated edition of developer Glu’s Contract Killer: Sniper, a third-person shooter first released in 2014 on mobile devices. Her character, simply named “Milla,” is playable once users unlock the game’s “Tower Mode,” involving Jovovich fighting her way up a high-rise overtaken by violent terrorists. Once the character is unlocked, gamers can navigate the entirety of Contract Killer: Sniper‘s story as Jovovich across 23 other regions and player-versus-player matches.

The supermodel and actress tweeted her excitement about appearing in the project on Wednesday afternoon. “Hey Everyone! Finally, I’m a video game character! How cool is that? Check me out in Contract Killer: Sniper!” the 40-year old wrote, referencing her likeness as used in visuals from the game.

In addition to her roles in the Resident Evil movie franchise, Jovovich’s big screen credits include the 2001 Ben Stiller comedy Zoolander (and its 2016 sequel), Luc Besson’s The Fifth Element (1997), and Spike Lee’s He Got Game (1998). She has modeled for brands such as Versace, Gap, Calvin Klein, Christian Dior, and L’Oreal in addition to her music career, which has seen the release of a folk album The Divine Comedy(1994) and its experimental electronic follow-up, The Peopletree Sessions (1998).

Check out Jovovich’s character from Contract Killer: Sniper in the images above and below. The actress’ next film, Resident Evil: The Final Chapter, directed and written by her husband, Paul W.S. Anderson, hits theaters Jan. 27, 2017.