By Christian Holub
May 25, 2016 at 12:08 PM EDT

Anne Hathaway and James Corden went all out during their “Drop the Mic” rap battle on Tuesday’s episode of The Late Late Show.

Corden made things personal right away, rapping lines like, “Now it’s her turn to act a little scary / ‘Cause the only Catwoman I acknowledge is Halle Berry.”

Hathaway responded in kind: “I saw the One Direction game you did with the tattoo / The one direction that makes sense is away from you.”

“That was actually a bit mean,” Corden noted, eventually sending back his own fiery retort: “Anne, that was a reach / Your verse went on and on like your Oscar acceptance speech.”

The stars went back and forth a little more, but eventually Hathaway won out with a climactic final verse: “I battle with love and joy, so I am always unafraid / But son, now you know how it feels to get Hatha-slayed.”

Watch the full clip below.

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