The men are headlining a movie about a production of 'King Lear' that takes place during WWII
Credit: Joss Barratt

The Dresser

If the kiss on Anthony Hopkins’ hand is any indication, Ian McKellen thinks he scored a royal flush when it comes to finding the perfect costar.

In this preview for the upcoming premiere of The Dresser on Starz, McKellen talks about the “cunningly written” story about a loyal dresser named Norman who helps to prop up the star (Hopkins) of King Lear before a regional production that’s occurring during World War II. As the aging actor — who Norman calls Sir — takes the stage, his faithful dresser supports him in more ways than one.

“When I heard that Tony was going to be in The Dresser, I immediately said yes. It’s true about really good actors, they make you act better yourself,” says McKellen of Hopkins, about their first ever film together. “I can sort of plug into his energy.”

He then gives Hopkins a kiss on his hand. Love!

The Dresser, which is Starz’ first original movie,premieres May 30 at 9 p.m. ET.

The Dresser
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