Plus: Sam Claflin inquires about Efron's abs

By Nick Maslow
Updated May 24, 2016 at 02:07 PM EDT
Credit: Bravo

True to form, Andy Cohen got stars to reveal hilarious stories on Monday’s Watch What Happens Live. Lounging in the Bravo Clubhouse alongside fellow guest Sam Claflin, Beth Behrs lit up with a smile when a caller asked about the “most embarrassing moment you had with little Zac” Efron when they wound up at the same camp as teenagers.

Both surprised and impressed, Cohen said, “You went to camp with Zac Efron?”

“I did,” replied Behrs. “We went to acting camp together. He was the youngest at camp, and his roommate, I remember, had to go home for home sickness because they were like 13, I think. But I do have a memory of him learning how to freak dance, like we had like a dance.”

Laughing, the 2 Broke Girls actress continued: “He was so short. It was really funny.”

After noting that he “was so young” — Behrs has two years on Efron — she made it clear the age difference didn’t impact her attraction to him. “But I totally would have wanted to make out with him, even at 13. He was really hot.”

That’s when Claflin asked a pertinent question: “Did he have a six-pack back then?”

After giving it some thought, Behrs answered, “It was at least a three to a four-pack… a three-and-a-half pack.”

Watch Behrs tell all in the clip below.

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