By Natalie Abrams
May 24, 2016 at 05:29 PM EDT
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Damien Darhk wants to watch the world burn in the season finale of Arrow.

After Team Arrow prevented Damien (Neal McDonough) from launching nukes that would destroy the world, they caused Tevat Noah to crumble into the ground. In turn, Damien came knocking on Felicity’s (Emily Bett Rickards) door to force her to re-hack Rubicon and send the nukes anyway — regardless of having anywhere safe to hide.

Suffice to say, Oliver (Stephen Amell) will come face-to-face with his nemesis in the season ender, but not in the way you think. “I can tease that there is an ultimate showdown, and that ultimate showdown takes place on a level playing field,” Amell told EW while promoting his new film Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles: Out of the Shadows. “And I know the hook from the last episode made it feel like the whole episode would be about rescuing Felicity, and that’s really not the case at all. We solve that problem pretty early on.”

Amell continued: “It calls back a little bit of our premiere from this year, which I think is always a fun technique. We get some resolution. Not just for Oliver, not just for Darhk, but for most of our core cast members.”

As the present day carnage comes to a head, the island flashbacks continue to drop hints that Oliver may be Russia-bound in season 5 — there was even a mention of Kovar in a recent episode. Though the Arrow season finales tend to set up next season’s big bad, Amell revealed, “There’s nothing we really do in the finale that introduces a big bad for next year. We do throw a little hook in there that will very much excite people for season 5, but it does not have to do with the big bad.”

It sounds like that hook could potentially affect Team Arrow. “Last year, there was just a ton of mystery [in the finale] — the team was staying, Oliver and Felicity were going,” Amell said. “In this finale it feels very similar because its almost the opposite.”

Arrow‘s season 4 finale airs Wednesday at 8 p.m. ET on The CW.

Reporting by Nina Terrero

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