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Game of Thrones star Sophie Turner is already having a huge season on the HBO hit. But now the actress is about to make a major impact on the big-screen in this Friday’s X-Men: Apocalypse. Turner takes on telepathic/telekinetic Jean Grey who struggles to control her abilities. EW talked to Turner about the blockbuster and which fans — Game of Thrones or X-Men — are most passionate.

ENTERTAINMENT WEEKLY: So were you an X-Men fan?

SOPHIE TURNER: I was an X-Men fan. I’ve seen all the movies and everything. And I’ve read a couple of the comics when I was younger. I think its one of those franchises where it’s not just about being a fully formed superhero, like who have got all their s— together. Especially this franchise.They have these story arcs and all the characters are flawed. And all of them have their own insecurities. That’s what kind of drew me to X-Men — and Jean’s story, in particular, I always loved.

Obviously Famke Janssen played Jean previously. Describe your Jean a little. We meet her when she’s just arrived at Xavier’s school.

She can’t control her powers. And she and Charles can see just how strong she is. But she’s at the school and all the kids are kind of afraid of her so they alienate her. And she is afraid of herself so she kind of alienates herself. She’s just very, very vulnerable, and so terrified. She’s just kind of a lone wolf. And, I mean, she’s going through puberty and she’s being a teenager. And then Cyclops joins the school and they kind of find a kindred spirit in each other.

They are both kind of on their own, but in different ways. Cyclops really kind of adapts in a different way. He kind of hides his insecurities by trying to become kind of like the king of the school, and Jean is very much just carrying away from everyone. So, they find a kindred spirit in each other. And this is about her just trying to find her powers and just coming to terms with herself.

What was this like shooting being the new kids on the block, did you get hazed?

There was definitely a kind of like, “You can’t sit with us.” No, I’m kidding. Everyone was really welcoming. I think the first time I met everyone we all went out to a Drake concert and went to a bar. We obviously bonded and we all just got on really, really well. And like ever since that first day that we all hung out, it was crazy — like we wouldn’t spend any time apart.

Since some of the actors’ options expire with this film (Jennifer Lawrence, James McAvoy, Michael Fassbender, Nicholas Hoult), did it feel at all like the passing of the baton?

I don’t know if it is a passing of the baton — it’s difficult to know. We don’t know whether their time is up or if they are going to be renewed. I think it definitely felt like there was a rebirth in the story and these characters kind of inject a new kind of light into the movie and it kind of gets you going again. But [those actors] such big parts of the last three that I think, I don’t think we could hold down a movie on our own. Who knows?

Your costar Tye Sheridan, who plays Cyclops, told me he’s signed up for two more movies. Is it the same case with you?

Yeah, that is the same case. But you know, it could change ‘cause they might want to get rid of anyone. You never know.

What were the X-Men suits like?

You know, it’s funny, you’re supposed to kind of be able to do anything in them. But a lot of the time we kind of felt like grandparents when we couldn’t kneel down properly and we’d all be like, holding our backs, and like kneeling being like, “Ugh oh!” So mobility wise, they weren’t the best. But at least we looked cool.

Credit: Alan Markfield

This film appears to really set the stage for a retelling of the Jean Grey/Dark Phoenix storyline in future films.

The seeds of Phoenix definitely are planted in there. It’s kind of like she has this at the back of her mind and it’s almost like she can’t control her powers unless she either fully stops them or she lets them all loose, and that’s kind of Phoenix. There are definitely, like, bits and pieces, but I think in future movies to come we’ll definitely see a bit more of that.

As a young actor is there pressure to join a franchise movie like this?

For me, I have never really thought of my career as like, I need to do this in order to do this and get to this point. It definitely helps. If I get the offer, I am not gonna say no. But I don’t really have a plan for my career. I kind of just take what’s exciting for me at the time. And this is obviously very exciting. And to get to work with these people is incredible as well.

Whose fans are more passionate do you think: X-Men or Game of Thrones?

I haven’t experienced the full force of the X-Men fans yet. But, for now I’m gonna say Thrones. We will soon find out.

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