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In the wake of Mayfair’s death, Jane is out for justice in the Blindspot finale.

Guilt-ridden over her role in what happened to Mayfair (Marianne Jean-Baptiste) and the fallout for the team, Jane (Jaimie Alexander) will go to great lengths to get answers. “We open the season finale with Jane in the shower washing off Mayfair’s blood, realizing this is her fault,” Alexander says. “It’s a sad place to be because she doesn’t know who she is. She was just trying to do what she feels is right, but she was tricked. The fact that Oscar [François Arnaud] pretty much says, ‘This was all your idea,’ it’s sickening because she’s thinking, ‘How could I want to kill somebody?'”

With that in mind, Jane is determined to hunt down Oscar for more than just answers. “Jane is in just a pool of extreme guilt, rage and anger, and she’s on fire,” Alexander continues. “She’s so emotionally wrecked, and a lot of that is guiding what she’s doing, which is very dangerous to let your emotions guide you in that kind of situation. She’s also going into full Seal mode, like ‘I’m going to kill the person that hurt this woman.'”

Though that death is particularly hard on Jane in that regard, Mayfair’s dying words that predicted Weller (Sullivan Stapleton) would condemn Jane really stick with our tattooed heroine — especially in the wake of them kissing. “It’s one of those moments of really pure joy, but also confusion because she has Oscar as well and that’s conflicting,” Alexander says. “It ultimately is just such a wonderful gesture of love and kindness, and it also is a bit reassuring to her, and comforting, considering she’s been kicked out of the FBI. What it ends up doing is she now really, truly knows that he loves her, very similar to the way she loves him, and it makes the end of season 1 very, very sad.”

For Weller, the kiss is just as emotional after believing he lost his childhood friend for 20 years. But that feeling of euphoria was lost as quickly as it was gained after his father confessed on his deathbed to killing Taylor Shaw, sending the dogged FBI agent on the hunt for the truth in the finale. “Some of the hard-hitting points of the story unravel and come to light,” Stapleton says. “It’ll be a very emotional and hard-hitting end for this season. It’s been an ongoing challenge to find out who she is, how we’re connected, and then to lose my father and Mayfair and then to try to find out who she is or who she says she is, it’s going to cause a lot of drama.”

The team, meanwhile, are as yet unaware of Mayfair’s death, but set off on a mission of their own to figure out why she’s gone radio silent. “Reade [Rob Brown] and Zapata [Audrey Esparza] finally open up to Patterson [Ashley Johnson] and tell her what’s really been going on with Mayfair,” Johnson teases. “It takes Patterson by surprise and she lashes out at Reade and Zapata. ‘If you would’ve brought me in maybe she wouldn’t have disappeared!’ It’s fun because the three of us get to go off on our own little hunt to try to figure out what happened to Mayfair.”

Suffice it to say, their mission won’t end well — nor will the finale end on a good note for just about anyone but the fans. “It’s not one of those finales where you’re like, ‘We got all the way over here for what?'” Esparza says. “Questions will be answered, but the stakes will be raised tremendously.”

The Blindspot finale airs Monday at 10 p.m. ET on NBC.

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