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Blindspot - Season 3

Blindspot has been hiding even more clues in plain sight — but this time, these clues will lead viewers of NBC’s hit freshman drama on a summer-long social scavenger hunt.

While the episode titles for the first half of the season were anagrams that formed a poem, the second half of the season took things one step further by providing instructions to fans. Decoding those instructions yields a phone number that will kick off an interactive adventure during the show’s hiatus.

“We’re working with [New York Times crossword puzzle expert] David Kwong, NBC, and Warner Bros to really build out some amazing and fun puzzles with some great prizes all summer,” executive producer Martin Gero tells EW. “We just want to get people excited about puzzles.”

However, Gero is staying mum on whether these new puzzles will drops hints about the second season. “They’re going to be fairly standalone,” he says. “There’s a little story that goes along with it that’s pretty cool, too.”

While EW will not reveal the phone number outright — where’s the fun in that? — we will point you to the three most important clues that will help you solve the riddle. But first, let’s take a look at the decoded episode titles:

And now here are the clues:

1. The time: The key to the episode 19 title — which decoded says “Focus on the time” — comes when the Rashomon-style episode jumps back to Jane’s perspective.

2. The logos: The unscrambled messages from episodes 16 and 17 translate to “Find what you need in almost the last place you look.” This one is tricky. The almost last place you look actually means the second-to-last thing viewers see on screen when an episode ends: the title cards for Gero’s production company, Quinn’s House. (Quinn’s house also ties to the safe house mentioned in the decoded episode 21 title.) The number on the house changed every week during the final seven episodes of the show. (Hint hint, nudge nudge.)


3. The finale: To unscramble the phone number, you’ll need to refer to the final two decoded titles — “The final order will be revealed when it’s filed away.” Take note of the USB left behind by Mayfair.

Once you uncover decode the clues, “If you call that number, your summer of puzzles is about to begin,” Gero says.

Blindspot will return this fall on NBC. In the meantime, read our season finale postmortem with Gero here.

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