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Blindspot - Season 3

Warning: This story contains major spoilers from the season finale of Blindspot. Read at your own risk!

We warned you the Blindspot finale would include a shocking discovery.

After his father's deathbed confession that he killed Taylor Shaw, Weller (Sullivan Stapleton) dug up his childhood backyard. No body there. But Weller did find her body under their old campsite, meaning Jane Doe isn't really Taylor Shaw.

The team, meanwhile, discovered a massive amount of Mayfair's (Marianne Jean-Baptiste) blood, prompting them to find a USB key in her home safe, which revealed files on Daylight and Orion.

Ultimately, Jane (Jaimie Alexander) was able to track down Oscar (François Arnaud), who planned to wipe her memory again. He revealed that she's not actually Taylor Shaw, but she was following the direction of some man named Shepherd. Why? To oust Mayfair and allow the less-corrupt Weller to replace her; the group plans to burn the government to the ground and start again. After killing Oscar, Jane planned to reveal the truth to Weller, but Weller arrested Jane on sight. What does this all mean? EW turned to executive producer Martin Gero to find out:

ENTERTAINMENT WEEKLY: Jane is not Taylor Shaw. Was that always the plan from the beginning?

MARTIN GERO: Yes. Always. We don't want to be seen as liars. I don't want to ever say anything that is a straight-out misdirect. I was intentionally vague when talking about Taylor. I referred to her as Jane most of the time. For us, it was really important to have something like the DNA test in episode 3 come back, then the tooth be episode 4, and then not touch it for a while so we can all say, "Well, we did say the tooth did not directly contradict the DNA evidence." If you put it early enough, people get lulled into forgetting about it. Subjectively, that was information Weller didn't really want to accept, so as an audience, we go along with our main characters, and we also don't want to accept it. The show is called Blindspot for a reason. Weller chose the pieces of evidence that fit the narrative that he wanted. That was always going to get him into trouble.

How is that reveal going to impact Jane?

Jane has a terrible last episode. From Mayfair dying, to her killing Oscar, to trying to come clean to Weller hours too late, she's in a real state of flux going into next season. It's going to be next to impossible for anyone to trust her again right away. This family that she's created herself is then shattered in a lot of ways. Going into season 2, a big thing for us is the show reinvents itself a little bit as far as what these relationships are, can they be mended, and if so, how? I hope it's going to lead to some really exciting storytelling.

Jane killed Oscar, who is the closest tie she had to her old life. How will his death affect her?

I thought Jaimie played that beautifully in the episode, because it was clearly not her intent. She was trying to stop him and he walked into the blade. The heartbreak on her face after that, just mourning him, I thought Jaimie played that so well, it was so heartbreaking. She'll be entering season 2 looking for a friendly face, that's for sure.

With Oscar dead, are we going to start to meet others involved with this plan?

Yeah, season 2 is a lot about going much deeper into Jane's former organization and meeting this very mysterious Shepherd character. For us, we really want to answer the majority of the mythology questions by the end of season 2, and then we have a really great idea for what season 3 is about. Season 2 is going to be extraordinarily satisfying viewing for our fans.

Any dream casting on Shepherd?

Yes, but I can't say anything about it. because our dreams might come true. We'll see.

Does this group have a name?

They do.

Go on.

No, not yet. [Laughs.]

As Jane learns that she's not Taylor, will that shake a few things loose for her in terms of more memories of what her actual life is?

You're going to learn Jane's real name in episode 1 of season 2. You're going to find out a lot. A lot. And it will be real this time.

How long has this mission been in the planning stages, because we saw Jane at Taylor's memorial?

It's been a few years in the planning.

Weller arrests Jane. What sense of betrayal does he feel? Is he torn at all over the arrest?

No, he's not torn at all. I think he's so angry. He's the most angry he's ever been. A lot of that is projected anger about his father lying to him and realizing that his father is a murderer, and that he's lived with 25 years with this false hope that he could ever find Taylor again. He has a lot of rage in him right now, and Jane is the person he can take that out on, because Jane is the person who is right in front of him; his father is gone. I think it's brutal in those final moments when he's arresting Jane and he's saying, "I let him back into my life because of you. I let him around Sawyer." It's a very personal thing. Regardless of whatever Jane's plan is, he could also give a s— about that plan right now. The repercussions about his personal life because of the lies Jane said to him, they're infuriating to him. He's a level 11 angry.

How do you think the rest of the team will react to the truth about Jane?

They will find out in the very first episode of season 2. It runs the gamut, but none of them are happy about it.

Are there any surprising reactions? I could see Patterson being torn since she didn't deal with as many direct threats as Zapata and Reade did.

Well, she loved Mayfair a lot. Her and Mayfair were very close. Even though she was not directly responsible, it's going to be initially hard for them to not blame her for Mayfair's death. It's a difficult thing for all of them.

Will Jane tell them about Mayfair's death? Or will that only make it worse for her?

You'll have to wait. They all find out about it in the very beginning of season 2.

Why infiltrate through Weller?

There's a hint to it in the finale, where we say they knew that if they gave Weller all these tattoos, it would give him enough wins to become the next Mayfair, and he was a much more decent person than Mayfair, and Mayfair wouldn't just be replaced by another cog in the system. That's part of it, but the bigger question of Why Weller? is a question for season 2.

Weller has become the new head of the NYO. The Jane Doe case was previously suspended. What does that mean for season 2, especially given he's arrested her?

We've come up with a really good and organic way that the show can operate in a similar fashion to how it did in the first season, but with a lot more stakes and being a lot more complicated. We get back into the Jane Doe business in a really interesting way in the beginning of season 2.

How much will you be exploring whatever Orion is next season?

Oh yeah, that's a big deal. You will find out everything about Orion in the first two episodes.

And is that the name of Jane's group?

It is not the name of Jane's group.

Blindspot will return in the fall. In the meantime, get the scoop on the summer-long social scavenger hunt the show has planned for fans here.

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