May 23, 2016 at 12:00 PM EDT

Ben Harper and his longtime backing band the Innocent Criminals returned earlier this year with Harper’s excellent 13th studio LP, Call It What It Is. A highlight of the set is “Shine,” and according to Harper, “[It’s] one of those songs that had everybody excited in the studio while recording it,” the singer tells EW.

So when it came time for a second single—the collection led with the highly political title track—”Shine” was an easy choice. The video, which EW is excited to premiere, features a sign language translator as well as a running ticker of the lyrics in a variety of languages across the bottom of the screen. The concept was inspired by one of Harper’s friends. “I have a friend who is a sign language professional and works tirelessly in pushing communication boundaries in the dear community,” he says.

As for the multiple languages, he says, “[That] concept came from a line in the song, ‘if you were all I had, I’d have it all.’ I was curious how the lyric would look and sound translated into different languages, and then it took off from there.”

Check out the video for “Shine” below.

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